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We are sending out letters and e-mails to all users to inform them of the account closure process, in order to make the account close down process as smooth as possible once the tolls go on the 17 December. You may receive an email and a letter, this is just to make sure we’ve contacted all our account holders.

Highways England is aware of an issue that has affected a small amount of our TAG account holders. If you have received a letter from us, it may show an incorrect title or initials, we apologise for any confusion. However, the letter is still intended for the TAG account holder at your address. This was due to an error in the mail merge process used to produce the letters - we apologise for this error.


Key points


  • We will begin the bulk closure process from the 2 January 2019, to allow the office to be set-up in readiness for the new process.
  • We are requesting that customers wait until after the 2 January to apply for their refund - please note that our offices will be closed from the 14 December until the 2 January due to office refurbishment works ahead of the close-down period.
  • Please dispose of your TAG device in one of the following ways:
    • Drop-off at one of our designated drop-off points (more will be confirmed in the coming weeks on our website here.)
    • Drop-off at any large electrical retailer (with a WEEE takeback scheme in place)
    • Post back to us at the address given below
  • You are still required to pay at the tolls up until they are removed on the 17 December
  • If you require the use of your TAG up until 17 December 2018, please delay actioning the refund process until after the 2 January



Closing your TAG account


What is happening?


Highways England currently operates both the M4 and M48 Severn Bridges on behalf of the Government. In July 2017, the UK Government announced that the toll charge at the Severn Bridges would be abolished by the end of 2018.

The end of tolling is currently planned for the 17 December 2018. Highways England will begin to close TAG accounts and refund deposits and TAG balances from 2 January 2019.

What do I need to do?


Make sure you carry out the following steps to help us close your TAG account and refund you any money due. We need you to:

  • Provide authorisation for us to close your TAG account
  • Provide your up-to-date bank account details and sort code


You can also return your TAG device to us so that we can dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you choose to keep your TAG we can still close your account and refund any monies outstanding.

The deadline to close all TAG accounts and process refunds is 31 March 2019.

Please note the following:

  • Full payment of every crossing will be required up until the end of tolling. Any misuse of TAG devices, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions, will be enforced and outstanding debt recovered on behalf of Highways England.
  • The TAG account refund balances will be unique to each individual and will consist of the balance and TAG device deposit(s). If the account has a negative balance or outstanding violations are due, then the outstanding balance will be settled first with monies recovered from the deposit before being refunded. Please note we will only refund a valid TAG device deposit to the account holder.



TAG Returns Process


How do I close my TAG account and receive my refund?


There are two ways you can close your TAG account:

1) Phone:

Call us on 0343 3535 056 after 2nd January 2019. The office will be open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. You will be provided with options to then provide authorisation and your bank account details and sort code. Please note we’re expecting to receive extremely high call volumes during the close-down period, so we’re asking you to kindly bear with us. We will endeavour to answer your call as soon as possible.


2) Post:

You can write to us at the address detailed below.

Highways England

Severn Bridges Group

Toll Administration Building

Bridge Access Road



BS35 4BE


Please provide us with:

  • Your TAG account number
  • A contact phone number
  • Authorisation to refund
  • Your bank account number and sort code.


A form for you to provide these details to us can be downloaded here.

Please note that due to high volumes of TAG returns, our post room will be very busy. We kindly ask that you bear with us when waiting for a reply. We may call you to confirm any details provided in a letter for security purposes.

For enhanced security, we won’t be accepting any bank details or completed forms by email. It’s more secure to provide us with these details by phone or post.


Providing your bank account details:


Highways England will be refunding monies by BACS transfer (to the bank account linked to your TAG) in line with the TAG account Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be found on our website. We are asking all TAG account holders to update their bank details from the 2 January 2019 for Highways England to refund any monies owed. All bank account details submitted will be screened using fraud detection tools and logged securely in compliance with industry security standards.

Your bank account details must be in the following format:

Sort code: 6 digits E.g. 10-20-30    Bank account number: 8 digits E.g. 12345678


Direct Debits:

We will be stopping all direct debit payments from the 17 December 2018.


Season TAG holders: This message is formal notification from Highways England that we will be amending your direct debit to coincide with the last day of tolling on the 17 December. Your direct debit will be amended depending on the date it is taken, and you will only be charged up until midnight on the 16 December. Any travel on the 17 December will need to be paid for by cash or card when required. Please note, as per the Terms & Conditions, no refund will be possible for any unused time.


Trip TAG holder: Highways England will take no further payments from the 18 December, unless there is a violation due. It will be your responsibility to notify your bank and cancel the direct debit.


Returning your TAG devices to Highways England:


Collection points:

We’re asking customers to drop off their TAG devices at one of our collection points, which will be located at Motorway Service Areas, shopping centres and retail parks. A list of these locations can be seen below, please note further locations will be added in the coming weeks.



If you are unable to return your TAG device to a collection point, you can return any TAG devices when you no longer require them in order for them to be recycled, to the address detailed above.

If you find a suitable outlet that will recycle your TAG device, please feel free to use this as an option. This may include local recycling collections, tips, and electrical retailers. Please check with any outlet first if they are able to accept and recycle the TAG device for you.



Drop off locations:


TAG Recycling Locations

Highways England have been in discussions with a number of motorway service areas and retailers in the surrounding areas of the bridges to allow the placement of drop-off points. We are pleased to confirm a list of locations below that will be hosting a TAG recycling bin, where you can drop off your TAG for disposal in an environmentalyl friendly way:


Services in England


Name of Services







Gordano Services   M5 Junction 19  







BS20 7XG

Severn View Services   M48 Junction 1   Moto  

M48 Junction 1



South Gloucestershire

BS35 4BH

Gloucester Services   M5 Junctions 11a-12   Westmorland  

M5 (between junc. 12 & 11a),





Michaelwood Services   M5 Junctions 13-14  




Lower Wick,



GL11 6DD

Leigh Delamere Services   M4 Junctions 17-18   Moto  

M4 east and west -bound 

between Junction 17 &18



SN14 6LB


Services in Wales


Name of Services







Magor Services   M4 Junction 23A   Road Chef  

M4 Junction 23A,




NP26 3YL

Cardiff Gate Services   M4 Junction 30   Welcome Break  

Malthouse Avenue,


South Glamorgan,

CF23 8RA

Cardiff West Services   M4 Junction 33   Moto  

M4 Junction 33 Pontyclun,

Mid Glamorgan,

CF72 8SA


Other locations in Wales


Name of Centre





Kingsway Shopping Centre  



Kingsway Centre,

John Frost Square,


NP20 1EU

Friars Walk Shopping Centre  



Friars Walk Shopping Centre

John Frost Square


NP20 1EA


Unable to make it to one of these locations?


Below are nationwide places that you can drop off your waste electrical items for disposal in an environmentally friendly way, in accordance with WEEE regulations.

The TAG device is a small circuit board with a coin cell battery which needs to be stripped down and recycled responsibly, it is similar in components to a computer.


Local Recycling Scheme:



Select ‘Where to recycle a specific item’

Select ‘Electricals’

Select ‘Computer’ or ‘Laptop’

Select ‘Continue’ at the top and enter your postcode.

You will then be presented with a list of local schemes that can accept the TAG.


PC World


Accept all unwanted electricals and electronic equipment back in any Curry’s PC World stores


TAG office closures:


Please note that the M4 TAG office in Rogiet will be closing on 16 November 2018 for safety reasons, before the end of tolling operations, as the site is prepared for closure. There will be no public access to the TAG office from this date and there will be no safe place to stop a vehicle within this works area. Aust TAG office will be closed from 14 December 2018, with no public access from this date. Please do not return TAG devices in person.

While the Aust TAG office is closed from 14 December for refurbishment works and the festive period, we will not be processing any TAG returns, refunds or account closures. The office will re-open for the close down of accounts from 2 January 2019.



Further Information

If you have any queries or concerns about the closure and would like further information, or require this document in another format, please contact us:

Phone: 0343 3535 056           Email: tag@severnbridge.co.uk