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5th November 2018 - TAG Account Letter

Highways England is aware of an issue that has affected a small amount of our TAG account holders.
If you have received a letter from us, it may show an incorrect title or initials, we apologise for any confusion.
However, the letter is still intended for the TAG account holder at your address.
This was due to an error in the mail merge process used to produce the letters - we apologise for this error.

Please find attached a copy of the account closure letter HERE.
Please note, If you intend to keep using your TAG until the end of tolling, please call back after the 2 January 2019 and we will process the closure of your account.


29th October 2018 - Update to TAG Terms and Conditions

Please be advised the TAG terms and conditions are changing from 30th November 2018. Please see below for links to the new terms and conditions which will come into effect at this time.

We recommend reviewing the documents fully to ensure the product still meets with your requirements.

For Season TAG Terms and Conditons effective 30th November 2018 please click HERE

For Trip TAG Terms and Conditons effective 30th November 2018 please click HERE

For Shared TAG Terms and Conditons effective 30th November 2018 please click HERE


29th October 2018 - Updated privacy notice for Severn Bridges Group tolling operations

Highways England is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and complying with the principles of applicable data protection laws.  This notice sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us.

Please read the attached notice carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it. 

This document provides you with information about how we are handling, or are intending to handle, your personal information.

Privacy Notice 2018


2nd October 2018 - Severn Bridges to be toll-free from 17 December

The M48 Severn Bridge and M4 Prince of Wales Bridge will be free for all customers before Christmas

The Government has announced 17 December as the date when tolls will cease on the Severn Bridges. The M48 and M4 structures which span the River Severn were adopted by Highways England in January 2018 and in July the second Severn crossing was renamed the Prince of Wales Bridge.

The end of tolling date announcement was made by Alun Cairns, Secretary of State for Wales at the Conservative party conference on 2 October. The original plans to remove tolls, which operate on the Westbound side of the bridge between England and Wales, were first announced by the Government as an election pledge in 2017.

Having a firm date for the end of tolling now means work can begin on plans to remove the toll booths, realign the carriageway and ensure that customers can travel safely over the bridges once the charges are removed. We’ll continue to maintain the bridges as part of our operational maintenance work.

The Severn Bridges operates a TAG account system, where customers can purchase a small device which they fit to their windscreen. This allows them quicker and smoother access through the toll plazas. We’ll be writing to customers in the coming weeks to ensure they know what to do with their TAG accounts and devices once tolling ends.


9th July 2018 - Change of Number for Payment Phonelines

We have changed our 0843 payment numbers to 0343 in order to avoid you call charges. A 03 number is charged at standard geographic rates and is always included in available minutes within call packages.

For the TAG Top Up Phoneline please call 0343 353 5056

For the Violation Payment Phoneline please call 0343 353 5053


18th June 2018 - Change of Bank account details for Trip TAG account customers

On Monday 8 January 2018, Highways England became responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Severn Bridges on behalf of the UK Government. Highways England is a Government-owned company which looks after the motorways and major A-roads across England. The previous private finance concession, operated by Severn River Crossings PLC (SRC), ended on 7 January 2018 and the SRC Company is now closing down.

The SRC’s bank account will soon be closed and you must change your standing order/online banking or your TAG account will not be updated with any payments as these will be rejected by the bank and your Tag may fail to work at the Tolls.

What do I need to do?

Please update the bank details for any TAG payments you pay directly from your bank account to Highways England Company Limited as follows:

Bank Name:                Lloyds Bank PLC

Account number:        15972768

Sort code:                   30-80-12

Reference:                  Your Tag account number

Please find HERE an official letter if needed to verify these details


20th February 2018 - Delay in Refunds for returned TAGs

We are currently experiencing a delay with processing returned TAGs and advise customers who urgently need their refund to visit the TAG Office.


3rd January 2018 - Update on Transfer of the Severn Crossings to Public Ownership

On 8 January 2018, at 00.01 hours Severn River Crossings will hand over all the operations and management of the Severn Bridges to Highways England.  This website will continue to operate under the control of Highways England after 8 January 2018.


Questions and answers for customers

     1. Why has the ownership of the bridges changed?  

       SRC was set up to design, finance and build the second road bridge over the Severn. Once the cost of building, finance and operations have been repaid, they return to Government ownership. This has now been completed.


2. What happens if I have pre-paid for crossing or have a Tag and use the bridge after 8 January?

TAG account holders who pay by Direct Debit – Season and Shared TAG

Direct debit payments will be adjusted from 8 January 2018 onwards, and Highways England will provide a rebate to your account if required.

You don’t have to take any action, Highways England and Severn River. Crossings will arrange the transfer of your current Direct Debits on your behalf at the end of concession.

You should refer to Highways England for any changes in “terms and conditions”.

TAG Account holders who pay by top-up - Trip TAG

·       If you are paying directly to Severn River Crossings through your online banking, you will need to ensure you update the bank details to Highways England’s account from 08 January 2018. Account holders will continue to be able to pay through the website and phone. 

       You will continue to be able to top-up your account through the payment portal on the website and the phone payments system as normal. 

       You should refer to Highways England for any changes in “terms and conditions”.


3. What happens if I have a query?

The customer services operations will continue to operate and you should contact them if you have any additional queries.   If you have any questions or would like additional information, please visit or contact the TAG helpline on 0343 353 5056. 


4. Will there be any changes to Toll Charges

·       UK Government has announced that Toll Charges will no longer be subject to VAT thus reducing charges for customers who are unable to reclaim VAT. The new charges are shown below:


Vehicle Category

Current daily toll charges

Daily charges after January 8th 2018

Category 1
(Cars and other vehicles up to 9 seats)



Category 2
(Goods vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, small buses)



Category 3
(Goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, large buses)




  •        Category 1: £5.60, with the Season/Shared TAG at £98.56 (20% discount based on 22 trips per month).

  •        Category: 2 £11.20, with the Season/Shared TAG at £197.12 (20% discount based on 22 trips per month).
  •        Category 3: £16.70, with the Season/Shared TAG at £330.66 (10% discount based on 22 trips per month).



23rd October 2017 - Assignment of Tag Accounts to Highways England

As you may be aware, the maintenance and operation of the Severn Crossings are being taken over by Highways England on behalf on the Secretary of State for Transport from 00:01am on 8th January 2018 (the “Transfer Date”). At that point Severn River Crossing Plc will cease to have anything to do with the operation of the M4 and M48 toll plazas, which will then be managed by Highways England. As a result, Severn River Crossing Plc will be assigning all live TAG Accounts over to Highways England at this date under the provisions of clauses 6.4, 10 and 11 of the Season Tag Agreement, the Shared Tag Agreement and the Trip Tag Agreement respectively. The assignment is to allow your account to change over smoothly with no interruption of service. However, if for any reason, you wish to object to the assignment of your account to Highways England please contact us so we can arrange to close your account ahead of the Transfer Date and refund your balance.

Highways England will be in contact with all live TAG Account Holders to amend and update the direct debits and provide any other information about your accounts for continuing the service after the Transfer Date. In order for HE to be in contact with customers in a timely manner we will be providing copies of account holder names and addresses (including email addresses) prior to the transfer. We will only provide other account details such as account details at the point of assignment. Please contact us before 24th November 2017 if you object to your name and address being provided in this way, so we can arrange to close your account ahead of the Transfer Date and refund your balance.”

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact us at, or telephone 01454 635056.


15th September 2017 - Announcement by the Department for Transport on toll prices for 2018

To read this announcement please click HERE


5th July 2016 - Contactless Payment


We now accept payment using contactless credit/debit cards* at all staffed and automated lanes, excluding dedicated SevernTAG lanes.

What are the benefits?
Using contactless payment is quicker than paying toll operators or using your card’s chip. What’s more, a contactless transaction also means you generally spend less time waiting to pay, which makes your journey more efficient. Contactless is also more convenient than paying by cash, as it eliminates the need to search for change.

How do I pay using contactless?
Each lane features contactless terminals in two locations, so whether you’re driving a car, commercial vehicle or HGV, you can easily make a payment using your contactless credit/debit card using the terminal nearest to you.

If your credit/debit card has a contactless symbol, simply place it in front of the terminal and wait for the transaction to be authorised.

So the next time you’re crossing, look for the contactless logo and terminals and get yourself back on the road in no time.

Looking for more?
If you’re a regular commuter and are looking for truly hassle-free and cost-effective trips across the bridges, why not apply for a SevernTAG?

Click HERE for further information.


23rd June 2016 - Change to Non Payment of Toll Charges

With effect from today, our Non Payment of Tolls charging structure is changing.  If you are given a Non Payment of Tolls Invoice, we ask you to pay this within 24 hours, if the invoice is not paid within 24 hours an additional administration charge will be added.
The administration charge is £80 and must be paid within 7 days. It's reduced to £40 if you pay within 3 days and increased to £105 if you don't pay. The original Toll Charge and £5 administration charge is also payable.
This change has been made to align our charging structure with other similar service providers and offers a discount period for early payers.


8th June 2016 - Toll Lane Signage

Severn River Crossing is rolling out new signage starting with the signs above each lane at the plazas. See HERE  for details. Over the next few months all the signage is being refreshed to make it more readable and intuitive for customers. We’d appreciate your feedback – please contact Customer Services with any comments.


19th May 2016 - Shared TAG

SRC, in association with Highways England, are pleased to announce a 'Green' initiative with the introducing of a Class 1 Shared TAG Account for Car users. For those wanting to reduce the burden on our environment by Car Sharing, you can now apply online ONLY for a 'Shared' TAG Account.

During the application process you register a 'Car Pool' of between 2 and 5 cars. Only ONE of the registered cars from the pool may use their Tag in a 24 hour period, however during that 24 hours, they may use is as many times as they wish.  Payment for a Shared Tag is taken by Direct Debit on a monthly basis.

To apply online please click HERE


17th May 2016 - Online TAG Applications

You can now apply online for a TAG Account which is the most efficient and quickest method to obtain a TAG.

Please click HERE to start the process.



From 20th January 2016 Trip TAG Customers can now Top-up their accounts on-line using a Debit or Credit Card - see HERE