High Winds Filtering System

New traf苯ic fil負er虹ng sys負em keeps the M48 bridge open longer for cars and vans

Overturned HGV
Overturned HGV

Did you know that between 1992 and 1996, 13 vehi苞les blew over on the Sev苟rn Bridge dur虹ng high winds, result虹ng in more than 47 hours of closure?

The Sev苟rn Bridge cur訃ently oper苔tes under a High Winds Pro負o苞ol, which dic負ates that once wind speeds reach 40 knots, the bridge is closed to all traffic.

How苟ver, we recog要ise that clos虹ng the M48 Sev苟rn Bridge to all vehi苞les dur虹ng peri觔ds of high winds has an impact on road users by increas虹ng jour要ey times and, at times, con茆es負ion on the M4. This is why we are look虹ng at ways to keep the bridge open to small vans and cars for longer whilst still oper苔t虹ng safely dur虹ng such times.

From Mon苓ay 24 Sep負em苑er 2007, we intro苓uced a traf苯ic fil負er虹ng sys負em. Once wind speeds reach 40 knots, the bridge will remain open to vehi苞les under 6�9″ (2.1m). Vehi苞les over this height and motor苞y苞les will not be per衫it負ed to use the M48 Sev苟rn Bridge, and must use an alter要a負ive route (34KB GIF). Fil負er虹ng will oper苔te between 0600 and 2200 hours. Out貞ide of these hours, the bridge will be closed to all traf苯ic if the wind is above 40 knots.

HATO on Severn Bridge
HATO on Severn Bridge

Advance warn虹ng signs will be dis計layed and High趴ays Agency Traf苯ic Offi苞ers will pro赳ide a high vis虹苑il虹ty pres苟nce ini負ially to help rein苯orce the changes. The Police will also sup計ort the oper苔負ion. Dri赳ers who ignore the advice and attempt to use the bridge will be com衫it負ing an offence and may face prosecution.

If wind speeds reach 60 knots, the bridge will be closed to all traffic.

The revised pro負o苞ol will be mon虹負ored for com計li苔nce. If it is found that high-sided vehi苞les and motor苞y苞les are not com計ly虹ng with the signs, then we will have to revert to clo貞ure to all traf苯ic at 40 knots to main負ain pub衍ic safety.

For more infor衫a負ion, call the High趴ays Agency Infor衫a負ion Line on 0300 123 5000 (open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) email: ha_info@highways.gsi.gov.uk.