Severn Bridge Toll Prices

Standard Toll Prices

Vehicle Type Cost
Vehicle Category 1 (Up to 9 seats)
Vehicle Category 2 (Small bus up to 17 seats) Goods vehicles up to 3,500KG)
Vehicle Category 3 (18 seats and more) Goods vehicles from 3,500KG)

Prices set accurately on 01/01/2014.

Tolls are charged westwards only

Please Note Motorcycles and UK Disabled Badge Holders are exempt from Toll charges. Also there is No extra charge for towing Caravans / Trailers. However, all vehicles must stop and be classified individually. Motorcycles are only able to use lanes with Toll Collectors in them.

Please be advised there are foot/cycle paths on the “old” Severn Bridge (M48) in both directions that are well signposted and accessible from both sides. However there is No foot/cycle path on the new Second Severn Crossing.

UK and EUROPEAN Disabled Badge Holders Procedure

UK and European Personal Blue Badge Holders eligible for an exempt crossing will be required to attend a manned toll booth and hand their UK/European Blue Disabled Persons Badge to the Toll Collector. The Toll Collector will check the presence in the vehicle of the the Badge Holder and the validity of the badge; the badge will be scanned and returned. The barrier will then be raised to allow the journey to continue.

How to pay

As well as payment in cash, toll payment by all major credit and debit cards is now available in all lanes but the most efficient method of payment is a TAG.

Severn TAG Prices

Season TAG Trip TAG
Monthly Quarterly Cost per Crossing
Vehicle Category 1 £112.64 £337.92 £6.40
Vehicle Category 2 £225.28 £675.84 £12.80
Vehicle Category 3 £380.16 £1,140.48 £19.20

Prices set accurately on 01/01/2014.

Tolls are charged westwards only

A refundable Deposit of £30 is required for each Severn TAG issued.