Severn TAG has now been discontinued

Dedicated TAG lane
TAG holders can access dedicated TAG lanes for faster transit

The Severn TAG is an Automatic Vehicle Identification System which allows you to travel Westbound across the Severn Bridge and Second Severn Crossing almost without stop. For regular users this means not having to worry about having the right money for the automatic machines or queueing to pay at the manned Toll Booths.

How does it work?

The TAG is an electronic device, which fixes to the windscreen. As you approach the Toll Lane a scanner will read the TAG and, provided your account is in credit you will be able to drive through practically without stopping. The system records your journeys and debits your account automatically.

There are two types of TAGs for each category of vehicle – a Season TAG and a Trip TAG – just choose the one most appropriate to your requirements.

Dedicated Severn TAG Lanes Save Time

Drivers with a Severn TAG can take advantage of a dedicated priority green lane on both the Severn Bridge and the Second Severn Crossing which will provide a fast, reliable service. At peak times the manned toll booths can become busy with long queues of vehicles, but the lanes for TAG users still flow swiftly.

TAG Options

The Severn TAG is available as a Season TAG or a Trip TAG. The way you use the crossings and the frequency of use will determine which is most suitable:

Season TAG
You purchase a set period such as a calendar month or a quarter which will give you unlimited crossings. The price is fixed for the period however many journeys you make.
Trip TAG
You work out the number of journeys required for a month or more and pay an appropriate amount into an account which is debited for each trip. As long as you have money in your account you can cross the Bridge.

If you have questions about the Severn TAG then please review TAG Questions which may help. Additionally, the TAG Application itself also addresses common queries so download the form and review the information.